Safe, Efficient, Odorless Heat

We wanted to design a portable source of heat that would be safe, efficient, reliable, and odorless. We've always known we wanted a classy design that people would be proud to use in any setting outdoors or around the house. But, we didn't stop there. We wanted to offer the world the first portable source of heat that accurately measures the surrounding area for harmful levels of CO and low levels of oxygen. If the oxygen level lowers and the CO level rises to unsafe levels, the heater will automatically shut off. nuDAWN HEAT was designed as a 2-in-1; it can be used as a heater or food/beverage warmer. Let's just say this is the "Lexus" of portable heaters.Fishing shanty

We are so passionate about nuDAWN HEAT because we want to offer individuals and families a brand-new technology that will give them the security of knowing they are safe. We've worked endless hours designing a product that people will be able to use for years to come. Early on we set a high standard and have never waivered from it...we want the nuDAWN Heater to be the last heater a person will need to buy.

As a backer of the nuDAWN Heat project, you will play a major role in launching this revolutionary technology to the market. As indicated in the video, people around the world are tragically losing their lives every year to carbon monoxide poisoning. With your support we can do our part to help reduce those statistics by offering people a safe and reliable way to stay WARM!

Revolutionalizing Portable Space Heat: what makes nuDAWN different

JetCOrrect Technology. Other infrared or catalytic heaters currently being offered only use pure fuel, LP, directly from the tank. There are certain additives and impurities in the gas that don't burn off, causing CO and other gases to saturate the environment.

Our JetCOrrect Technology mixes the fuel, LP, with outside air which creates the optimum mixture of fuel and air. This fuel mixture then enters our combustion chamber. The chamber recirculates a portion of the hot exhaust emissions which then increases efficiences even more. To put it plainly, we are burning off nearly 100 percent of the harmful exhaust gases as a result of creating a fuel mixture and keeping the exhaust in the combustion chamber just a fraction of a second longer. Therefore, by burning off these impurities in the fuel, the heat becomes odorless.

The combustion chamber faces extreme heat. Originally, we were going to use a stainless steel combustion chamber, but it became apparent it wouldn't be able to withstand extremely high temperatures over a long period of time. Inconel is used in jet engines because it is able to withstand jet engine exhaust systems. We decided it was worth the additional cost to use the best material for our combustion chamber, because we knew it would hold up over the life of the heater increasing the heater's reliability.

Stainless Steel Shell. Since day one, we knew we wanted nuDAWN to look classy and be durable. Plastic can break easily and it doesn't take much to dent aluminum. We carefully selected the optimum-gauge stainless steel to help with the overall weight of the heater, while not compromising the durability. A bonus feature about using stainless steel is that it radiates the heat long after the heater is shut down, similar to a radiator in the home.

Smart Sensor Technology. One of our suppliers, SST Sensing Ltd based in Scotland, was very flexible in their approach. They adapted their sensor design as our product evolved, and they were always eager to provide advice and support. nuDAWN HEAT will offer the first portable source of heat to incorporate a smart sensor that will accurately take readings of carbon monoxide and oxygen. Different from other heaters currently offered that have an ODS (or pressure sensor), nuDAWN is engineered to take readings of the surrounding air. The smart sensor is calibrated, or programmed, to the exact levels required by the CSA (Canadian Standard Association) to be marketed "indoor safe." Why is that significant? nuDAWN will be the first heater to take readings and automatically shut down based on carbon monoxide levels.

nuDAWN HEAT: its many benefits and uses

Ice Fishing 2

The nuDAWN HEAT can be used in many different applications: hunting, fishing, boating, camping, garage, natural disaster preparation, are just a few of them. In addition, there is a growing trend in America of people that are downsizing their homes to much less square footage and nuDAWN HEAT would be a perfect compliment to their home heating needs.

Since we designed nuDAWN as a 2-in-1, the user can heat a food or beverage on it. This comes in handy when outside weathering the elements.

"Green" technology has been increasing in awareness and importance in recent years, and we are proud to say that because of nuDAWN's nearly 100 percent efficiency, less emissions are being released into the atmosphere while reducing fuel consumption.

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